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Surgical Funding

Unfortunately, getting hurt on the job or in an automobile accident is a fact of life.  Managing care between the primary treating physician and specialist can be difficult to manage especially when in pain.  Coordination of benefits with adjusters, employers, and attorneys is time consuming and a hassle.  The last thing a patient wants to face when needing a surgical procedure is the mounting pressure of medical bills that are stacking up or paid for less than what was expected.  More often than not, large institutions are not compassionate and outstanding balances from surgical procedures end up in collections.

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At Surgery Funding Group, we take the risk of funding surgical procedures for the patient.  We accept medical liens/Letters of Protection (LOP) and will wait until cases are settled and paid.  Patients will never be balanced billed in a short pay situation.  This is a risk we as a company assume and have built into our business model. Surgical Funding Group contracts with Medical Providers and facilities to fund critical services including Physicians and Outpatient Surgery Center fees.

Surgical Funding Group is here to help.  Whether you are a provider, medical facility, or attorney we can help to decrease the wait time for payment on hard to collect surgical procedures.

Surgery Funding Group funds Patient Care earning the trust of thousands of Surgical Facilities and medical providers across the Country

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