Surgery Funding Group

Surgical Funding Overview

Surgery Funding Group is one of a few companies that offers surgical funding for claimants injured at work or in an automobile accident.

Unfortunately, injured workers and injured motorists suffer major injuries that require surgical procedures.  Just because employers carry workers compensation insurance and motorists have automobile insurance, doesn’t guarantee that those injured will receive the care they need.  Often the injured wait months to receive approval for surgery when in fact some states don’t require prior approval.  Surgery Funding Group takes on the burden of negotiating with carriers to ensure that those injured get care when they need it most.

Medical Providers

The Surgical Funding Group is here to ensure that your facility is paid quickly for the care you provide to Workers Compensation and Personal Injury patients through a medical lien/LOP.


Surgical Funding Group aims to help you provide your clients with the care they need when they need it.


Surgical Funding Group knows medical bills are costly, but we are here to help you get the surgeries you deserve.